4 Jan: #2 MacBridge Activity 1 -Video on School Vision (II)

Let's think and describe...
How we, as an individual, could contribute to achieving the school vision?

You may present your thoughts using one of the following formats:

  • Image(s) - which should be accompanied with a few lines to describe the drawing
  • Video clip (no longer than 30 seconds) - you should prepare a script before the actual video recording
You may explore using various effects when creating your product.

Submitting your work:
  • Attach your product (image(s)/video clip) in a email.
  • Put down your full name as the title of the email so that we know who submitted the post.
  • Send the email to amy_choo1.2010s109@blogger.com
  • Your work will be posted to this class blog.
  • If you upload a video clip, it may take a while for it to be ready for viewing.

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