5 Jan: #1 Team Building Challenge - Debrief (I) Class Reflection

Making reference to the 3 activities you participated this morning:

Scavenger Hunt
The Longest Line
All On Board

As a class, discuss...

- What strengths you have observed in the class during the teambuilding activity?
- How are these strengths important in helping your class to succeed?
- What other “ingredients” do you think is needed for a class to succeed as an effective team?
- How can the class apply these “ingredients” in its daily work?Which school value best fits that the team is trying to do?

Appoint one recorder who will take notes and post the collective responses in the blog (under Comments).

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  1. I WANT TO SEE PARTICIPATION!!! Where's the class spirit?? Well, at least we completed the task... lol and i want my register no. 8!!