Bridge Building Activity--the reflection

Hi Everyone,

Gwen has unfortunately forgotten to send it over as she forgot to take the paper from under her table. So, I decided to compile it myself.

Here is the answers.

What did you did well?

Getting a whole lot of fresh ideas coming, not screwing up too much and in the way we (as in the whole team) made the moveable bridge stronger.

How did you come to a decision?

We state the advantages and disadvantages and decide from there (honestly, I have really no idea if thats what we actually did, but actually See to suggest one thing and the rest agreed?)

Why is teamwork and communication important?

To prevent form having any arguments, improve the project, get good results and participation is one of the few things thats needed to get good results, teaches us how to socialize well and also to communicate well

What would you have done to improve group dynamics?

We could have discussed more and vote to see which is the best course of action, understand each other.

How can you apply the communication and collaboration skills you learnt during the orientation weeks?

To let our team mates know what we all want.

From: Cherin, Gwendolyn, Jonan, Christopher, See to and Jun Hong

Cherin Tan

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