FoRgInG eXcElLeNcE-Jiale

Today, I'm not totally satisfied with the class effort, especially for the class cheer activity. Out of the 23 pupils, I think only 5 of us were participating. It's time you know the TRUE meaning of "Forging Excellence".
Let's define the word 'excellence'. The word 'excel' could be found. What does it mean?
It means that when we exercise excellence, we WILL excel. No matter what comes in your way, if you DO your best, you are as good as unstoppable. (and I'm not exaggerating; experience it yourself in an exam)
Next, 'Forging'. The synonym 'formula' for this word is giving+doing. In everything you do, there should be a certain standard of expectation of yourself. Giving+doing your best effort would in turn give you the best result and do you a favor by achieving your expectation.
To put it together, giving+doing your best will help you excel all the way, making you unstoppable.
Think about it.

Jia Le

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