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1) On monday, the NE committee will be distributing out cut-outs of a boy holding a text-box (picture is attached as a file). In the text box, everybody is supposed to write down their new year resolution for the school, or rather a vow. Example : I will pick up any litter I saw for SST. In their vow, students must include the words 'for SST'.

On the stomach of the 'boy', students are supposed to write down their name and class as students must take full responsibility of what they have written. After that, the NE committee will be collecting everybody's vow back. The vow will be pinned up somewhere in the school. For your reference, you may go to http://www.iwill.sg/.

2) Mr Koh leaked out some information that there might be a Fire Drill on February 12.

3) Each and every class must put up a performance, the performance is a music performance where the song is composed by the class and must be a chinese song. If I am not wrong, four classes will be selected through an audition to perform on the school's Chinese New Year concert. The audition strictly requires the classes to use only Garageband to create the music. The song can be made up of different Chinese New Year songs. The performance should be around 1-3 minutes. For those who are interested in participating in the performance, please approach any member of the NE committee. Everyone is encouraged to join in the performance. If there are too little people, the NE committee will be forced to handpick some people. The different jobs are listed below :

1) Song composer (See To and Jia Le)
2) Singers
3) Dancers

See To Yu Xiang

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