Group Reflection On The Amazing Race

1. What are some of your observations about the environment and people?

  - People are very curious about us and the environment was not kind of clean. 

2. What were some opportunities you think SST to would able to contribute to the community?

  -SST would be able to help out in the homes serving other people, and not asking anything in return.

3. How can we benefit from serving the community?

  -We would able to give the school a good reputation of being a helpful school and would increase the popularity of the school.

4. Which school value encourages us to learn beyond SST?

  -Expanding our learning networks.

Group Members: Davina, Jia Le, Jun Ming, Stacey, Naveena and Michelle 

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  1. oh ya its 'jun wei' not 'jun ming' lol wat a mistake 2 make