Group reflection

Here is our group reflection.

Hi everybody, I am Preston. Along with my teammates, Hardy, Si Yuan, Rayner, Yu Chong and Tim, we had a wonderful time together on the first day of school. Here's our group reflection of the day.

For today, we built the bridge fast and also managed to keep it in a good condition. We also got along well together when building the bridge. When we needed to choose on the type of bridge that we need to build, we voted for the best possible choice.

For us, without teamwork and communication between friends, any project that we do would be impossible.Teamwork allows us to work together peacefully without any disputes. That brings in communication. It allows us to come together and discuss what we have in mind and finally come to an agreement on something.

If we had any arguments, we would settle them through negotiations and make sure that they never happen again. We will try to continue to see eye-to-eye, and do not panic when bad things happen on the next day.

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