Dear Ms Choo,
                    The overall plan for ushering our guests to the venue is like this. First, there will be guests entering the school from the side gate and the main gate. We will place some students at the side gate and main gate to tell the guests to go to the canteen first. Once the guests reach the canteen, the parents will have to go to the board which says the class their child is studying at. There will be probably around 5 students on stand-by to usher the parents to the respective venue. In the event that there is no students at the canteen, we will ask the guests to wait at the canteen, until there is a student ready to usher the guests to the venue.  
  For the serving of refreshments, we think that it is better for the parent to get the foods for themself as we are not so sure whether the parent would want more or less food. As for the drinks, i will confirm with you after i discuss with the rest of the group.
  To lead the parents to the hall, we will not usher each of them, instead we will get 2 students to walk infront of the whole group and the rest around the back. This way they will walk as 1 big group to the hall.
  This is basically what we planned so far.Thanks you.

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