Personal reflection on 4th January 2010

 Personal Reflection

                      Today's experience of meeting new friends was rather an enjoyable one. I met different people with different ideas. Having said that, it can be quite difficult to work with new people. Many want to use their own ideas. That is why we have to be open-minded and try to meet a common ground.

                     In terms of shyness, I would say that I am a very sociable person. So, it does not bother me much.

                     As an "Architect", I contributed some ideas on making the bridge as good-looking and safe and functional as possible.

                     It is very important to participate as it helps one make new friends and also know new ideas so that one can apply them in life. It also strengthens friendship and teamwork.

                     I have learnt a lot from today's activity. It is better to have friends who can help you rather than to do things alone. Two heads are better than one!

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