S1-09's vision - a quick reminder

Yesterday, (25/01/10)

Our class chairman (Hardy) and vice-chairman (Rayner) was telling us that S1-09 needs a vision so that we can as least go somewhere and move on as a class. Without a goal (or vision) we can't move on or go somewhere as a class. Although, yes we do have to split up and go our separate ways years later, we still have to work together and achieve our common goal, since we are in a class. We have to work together.

A main pointer on what is a vision:
-to see what we want to be in the future and achieve it
Without a vision: (for the class)
- you will be mentally blind (as in you have no idea which direction to go, which career to take etc.)
-Everyone will be going their own way.
Some sayings being quoted:
2 heads are better than 1 
one's worst enemy is yourself
(which we have to set new heights to break our own limits and surpass yourself like our orientation camp theme: Building Bridges Beyond Boundaries and best may NOT be just enough yet.)

From whatever ideas the class raised and voted, S1-09 has decided  on 25 Jan 2010 at about 1.45pm to have :

Surpass yourself

as our class vision. So, class S1-09 remember that.

Other than that, if you do want to give some feedback to them, you can send them by e-mail at:

(note that above is only 1 of Rayner's e-mails , I didn't copy the other one.)
NO Spamming please
(its a form of Respect)


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