Sorry everyone. There was a slight change of plans. The NE Team has decided that we need actors instead of dancers so if there is anyone interested in volunteering to act in the CNY performance, please comment. Those interested must be able to learn what they have to do in 1h. 
Some people the NE Team have in mind:
-Jia Le 
If the people ,whose names are written above, do not mind acting in the performance, please inform Stacey or me by tomorrow (latest before recess). Same goes for those f you who would like to vounteer. You may have to sacrifice your lunch time though. Sorry for the late notice.

On behalf of the NE Team, 

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  1. I think we can draw lots if we do not have up to 8 candidates. Christopher and Jonan can volunteer themselves as they were not able to stay back last Wednesday to help out with the CNY class decoration.

    Thanks and regards,