Bowling Trip during the March Holidays

As suggested by the students of S1-09,

A bowling trip is to be held on Thursday.
The bowling fares are $2.20 per game. Remember to bring an extra dollar for bowling shoes. The bowling event will be at Bukit Batok Civil Service Club. It is located very near West Mall. Meet at 1.30 pm sharp(make sure you are there by 1.30 or a bit later) at Bukit Batok MRT Station where once everyone is present, we will proceed to the club. At the club, Benjamin would have already booked the lanes and you will immediately get your shoes(remember to bring your own socks)and go to your assigned lanes. One lane will be made handicap for the beginners. We hope this will go according to plan. Place your comment if you cannot go and if you are bringing someone there too by tomorrow, 9th March 2010.

Chairman of S1-09,
Hardy Shein Nyein Chan


  1. I can't go cause I booked the ticket to Genting on 18-20 March 2010

    Si Yuan

  2. I'm not going because I'm really not interested in it. I will join the next one.

  3. I cant go as I am going out with my family at 2.00. I may be able to make it there at 3-4?

  4. I'm bringing a friend of mine there. Please put me and her in the same lane. Thank you. I will also be paying her share of the trip.

  5. Are these the main details?


    Time: 1:30pm^
    Venue: Bukit Batok Civil Service Club
    Meeting place: Bukit Batok MRT station
    Total cost: -Min $2.20 (no shoes)
    -Reg. $3.20 - $5.40 (with shoes)

  6. I have NO wish to go. I would like to catch up on hours of sleep. Thank you.

  7. I too have NO wish to go as i am occupied during the holidays in March.

  8. I am coming :D So excited . haha :D

    -Michelle Dapito (:

  9. pls wait i am going but i have to comfirm about my friend thank you.

  10. Apologies that I'm unable to go as it clashes with my broadcasting course. But have fun for those who are going! :)

  11. Understand that not everyone is keen or can make it. Let's hope all those that are joining the firsting class outing of 109 will enjoy themselves!
    Have fun, people!

  12. Everybody who have 矛盾 please confirm whether you are going or is your friend coming or stuff