Chinese News Reporting/ Hosting Training- 109 reps

Cherin, Stacey and Rayner, please remember to bring your learning devices coming Monday (22 Mar) when you report to the Learning Oasis at 8am.

The three of you will join class 101 on Tue(23/3) afternoon and 108 on Fri (26/3)afternoon for the sessions you missed.


  1. Noted. I don't understand what you mean by : "sessions you missed"
    Please explain.

  2. Just curious, what is this "Reporting/Hosting Training" for?

  3. Hi both
    Once you have been trained, you might be roped in for future SST productions eg Mediacorp DV Campus.

    For sessions/ visits you don't attend with your own class, you will be assigned to join other classes. Pls inform Rayner in case he has not been visiting the blog. Thanks.