Common Test 2010

Instructions to candidates:

1. Writing paper will be provided during the Common Tests.

2. The venue of the Common Tests will be the School Hall and you are to sit according to your register number.

3. Report to school as usual by 0745 h for Flag-raising. Attendance will be taken by your Form teachers then.

4. You may be excused from sitting a paper only if you have a formal medical certificate specifying the nature of your illness/medical condition, or for other reasons acceptable by the school. Call the General Office (tel: 6571 7200) to report your absence before 0730 h. Students who are absent for any paper without an acceptable reason will receive zero mark for that paper.

5. Conduct yourself with utmost integrity. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not have unauthorized materials with you during the Common Tests. Students caught with incriminating evidence will be presumed to have cheated or to have attempted to cheat. Students caught cheating will receive zero mark for the paper.

6. The dismissal time for both days will be after the last paper.

7. *For students who are taking their MTL lessons outside school, you may leave after the Science paper on 27 April.

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