Uncommon Olympics Sports + YOG values

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1. Pair Work: Design a poster that introduces 2 of the listed sports in the handout.

2. Do a short write-up on another sport (different from the above two) . Send your post, together with a relevant picture, to the class blog: amy_choo1.sst2010_109@blogger.com

3. What do "Friendship", "Excellence" and "Respect"(in sports) mean to your and your partner? Share with the class under "Comments" column.


  1. Friendship=To make friend with your opponents even though you might be challenging them in sports.
    Excellence=Do your best in all sports and try to be the best of the best.
    Respect=Following competition rules and not being sore even though you lose.

    Lee Si Yuan and Lee YuChong

  2. Excellence - Doing you best or out doing your limits despite any setbacks.
    Friendship - Maintain friendship with each and every competitor.
    Respect - Respect both the winner and the runner-ups and always remember to shake hands with your competitors.

    ~Jia Le and Victor

  3. Friendship- It is the relationship to others regardless of nation, culture or race. The amount of bond among friends.
    Respect- Do not go against the rules and have sportsmanship
    Excellence- Is doing the best even if you are losing or winning.

  4. Friendship-Maintain harmonious relations with opponents no matter what.
    Respect- Not going against the rules and no jeering, booing, etc.
    Excellence- Doing your best.

    Jun Wei and Tim

  5. What do "Friendship", "Excellence" and "Respect"(in sports) mean to your and your partner? Share with the class under "Comments" column.

    Friendship-the conduct of friends
    Excellence-the quality of being outstanding
    Respect-a feeling of admiration for someone

    Christopher John and Jun Hong