China Overseas SST Trip, Beijing Trip Updates Part 2 - Cherin, Stacey, Rayner and Yu Xiang

Hi all,
This is the second part to our updates.

Day 1 : The Forbidden City/Palace.

10. Tenth image : A beautiful rock formation in the palace is spotted.

11. Eleventh image : A picture of one of its many, many beautiful buildings. I really admire and respect those people that built the Forbidden Palace long ago.....They have such simple tools, no bricks, no cement, and yet, they have the patience to come up with so many different and detailed carvings on so many buildings. Yet, the standard is always the same......

12. Twelfth image : The long, beautiful and famous carving of the dragon on the steps......

13. Thirteenth image : The empress's large, spacious and luxurious living quarters.

14. Fourteenth image : The clear blue sky......good thing there wasn't any rain or hailstorms......oh, wait, before I forget to mention, we experienced a hailstorm whilst in the bus on the last day of the sounded like the whole of China was playing Ping Pong on our bus. If we had not been in the bus (less then a minute after we entered the bus, the hailstorm started), someone may have been injured seriously. But overall, it was very pretty (the hail) and cooling.

15. Fifteenth image : Intricate Phoenix design spotted on the palace......

16. Sixteenth image : Intricate Dragon design spotted on the palace on top of the phoenix design......the pattern being phoenix and dragons carved together is quite commonly seen......

17. Seventeenth image : A ferocious looking bronze turtle statue, I do not know the exact name for the monster though. =D

18. Eighteenth image : Back when the emperors were still ruling, the name of the next emperor chosen by the current emperor will be behind the plate hanging on the wall, '明光正大'. If the emperor was to choose between his sons only, there might be war as the sons will fight for the throne. So to make it fair, the emperor will put the name of the next chosen emperor behind that plate, be it his son, relative, or even a commoner. 

Ok, thats all for the time being! Stay tuned to SST Blog s1-09 2010 for more upcoming updates! Hope you enjoyed reading our post! 

See To Yu Xiang 

P.S. Feel free to take the pictures for your personal usage, such as wallpapers, screen savers etc. But do remember to state where it came from if you are doing it for a project! Do feel free to post what comments or what you have to say under the comments section! =D

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Photos taken by : See To Yu Xiang

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  1. Thanks very much for your sharing, Seeto. Maybe the group who went to Shunde can also share a little:)