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This is the fifth part to our updates,

Lao She Teahouse, 老舍茶馆

First image : We went to Lao She teahouse at night on Day 2 to watch some performances such as a magic show, Wu Shu tea-styled performance, face changer performance, traditional chinese opera etc. We were also provided some refreshments as you can see from the first image. At the top right-hand corner are a couple of preserved plums, at the top are some watermelon seeds, at the top left-hand corner are some sweet cakes for us to eat as a snack and also to neutralize the tea if one finds it too bitter, at the bottom left-hand corner are some fried rolls and at the bottom right-hand corner are some biscuits with sesame topping on it. The performance lasted about 2 hours and all of us had a good time laughing as the some of the performances were very funny.

Second image : The tea which we drank at the tea-house. The tea leaves can be used again and again as long as hot water is added. The tea is quite bitter but it can keep you alert for quite some time.

Beijing Chao Yang District High School

Third image : We attended a woodwork class at Chao Yang District High School, and this was what I made during the class ~

Fourth image : The student from Chao Yang District High School who partnered with me even helped me to write the school's name on the back of the woodcraft! 

Fifth image : Did I mention that the school had a special formal welcome ceremony for us? As soon as we arrived,we were ushered into a nice looking room with this banner.

Mega Book Mall

Sixth image : A dynamic shot of a building took after we left Chao Yang District High School for Mega Book Mall.

Seventh image : A shot of a pretty high escalator!

Eighth image : One of the books which I bought at Mega Book Mall, titled 'How To Win Friends And Influence People And How To Stop Worrying And Start Living'. It only cost me 38.90 yuan, which is approximately 8 dollars Singapore dollars, and could have easily cost up to 40 over Singapore Dollars judging by the book's author, title and thickness. Most things there are very cheap, and I regretted not buying some, such as the entire popular twilight universe saga by Stephenie Meyer which only cost 100 yuan, which is also approximately 20 Singapore Dollars only, and it cost 120 over Singapore dollars in Singapore bookstores! Most students from SST bought all the latest movies and soundtracks for less than 4 Singapore dollars each, popular soundtracks from Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne etc. only cost 3 Singapore dollars for each disc and it was original!

i have come to the end of my post, stay tune for more upcoming posts! Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays! Cheers! =D

See To Yu Xiang 

P.S. Feel free to take the pictures for your personal usage, such as wallpapers, screen savers etc. But do remember to state where it came from if you are doing it for a project! Do feel free to post what comments or what you have to say under the comments section! =D

Sources :
Photos taken by See To Yu Xiang

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