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Visit to the Olympic Stadium, 'Birds Nest' 

First image : A row of buildings designed to look like a dragon from afar.

Second image : The 'Birds Nest'!

Third image : Another shot of the 'Birds Nest' from afar!

Fourth image : A beautiful bed of flowers!

Tour of Peking University, 北京大学

Fifth image : Beijing University has a humongous pond! The guide told us that students would come to the pond to ice skate during winter!

Sixth image : A cute family of ducks spotted at another of their ponds! The ducklings are trailing behind their mother......

Seventh image : One of its many grand buildings at the university.

Eighth image : The back entrance to the university.

Ninth image : A terrific gilded stone lion standing guard at the back entrance. 

Tenth image : I bought a cute panda on that day and brought it out to pose during dinner time, quite adorable right? Haha.......

Eleventh image : So what usually happens during mealtimes? We would sit at a table, around 8-12 students and teachers at one table depending on teh size of the table. We would also practice the chinese custom of serving others before yourself. Our meals usually have a total of 13 courses, with a good balance of everything, such as beancurd, vegetables, meat, fish etc. Haha. We would always have an enjoyable time chatting and eating the good food during mealtimes. Quite memorable......

I have come to the end of my post, do stay tuned for upcoming posts!

See To Yu Xiang 

P.S. Feel free to take the pictures for your personal usage, such as wallpapers, screen savers etc. But do remember to state where it came from if you are doing it for a project! Do feel free to post what comments or what you have to say under the comments section! =D

Sources :
Photos taken by See To Yu Xiang

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