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This is the third part to our updates.

19. Nineteenth image : The place where the emperor conducts his official matters (where he resides during the day).

20. Twentieth image : The dragon carving again.....I find it rather detailed and beautiful.

21. Twenty-first image : The superbly grand courtyard of the Forbidden Palace.

22. Twenty-second image : A nice close-up shot of one of the intricate carvings.

23. Twenty-third image : A plan of the entire palace.

Ok, thats all for the time being! Stay tuned to SST Blog s1-09 2010 for more upcoming updates! Hope you enjoyed reading our post! 

See To Yu Xiang 

P.S. Feel free to take the pictures for your personal usage, such as wallpapers, screen savers etc. But do remember to state where it came from if you are doing it for a project! Do feel free to post what comments or what you have to say under the comments section! =D

Sources :
Photos taken by See To Yu Xiang

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