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Tian'an Men Square

First image : A picture taken of Tian'an Men Square,or Tian'an Men Guang Chang, which also means the Gate of heavenly peace, taken after our visit at the Forbidden City. It is also the world's largest city square (440,000m squared - 800m by 500m). 

Second image : The government must have spent a lot of money making sure that the flowers are well kept, due to the fact that a lot of tourists visit Tian'an Men Square.

Third image : The famous portrait of Chairman Mao (Mao ZeDong), I apologise for the poor image taken as it is the only close-up shot of the portrait that I have.

Fourth image : The Museum of Chinese History

Fifth image : The monument in front of the Maosoleum. 

Temple of Heaven or 天坛, the most beautiful place that I have ever seen in my life!

Sixth image : A beautiful bed of flowers greeted us when we stepped into the gigantic park of the Temple of Heaven.

Seventh image : Another image of those lovely flowers......

Eighth image : A grand park, took us approximately 10 minutes to get from the gate to the Temple of Heaven.

Ninth image : A grand park indeed......A lot of effort must have been placed into building the Temple of Heaven. It actually covers 2.73km squared of land!

Tenth image : 

See To Yu Xiang 

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Sources :
Photos taken by See To Yu Xiang

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