School Trip to Beijing, the last post

Hi all,
This is the tenth part to our updates, which is also the last part.

Returning to Singapore

First image : A picture taken whilst I was aboard the aircraft. I was very lucky to see the extremely beautiful sunset! I apologize for some scratches that you might see in my next few photos. The aircraft's window has a lot of scratches on it!

Second image : Another picture of the beautiful sunset!

Third image : Its so beautiful! A lovely bed of clouds beneath us!

Fourth image : The wing's tip of an airplane.

Fifth image : The beautiful clear sky. One of my hobby is to take photos of the ever-changing sky.

Sixth image : Twilight!

Seventh image : "Wow!"

Eighth image : My own in-flight entertainment! The book titled 'Hundred Ways To Motivate Others' belongs to Cherin. Most of the students brought back tons of books as the books in Mega Book Mall are cheap and original (mentioned in one of my previous posts).

Ninth image : Sun is setting......

Tenth image : Beautiful......

Eleventh image : Getting dark......

Reflection and thoughts on the Beijing school trip - I feel very lucky to have been selected to attend the school's trip to Beijing. I really learned a lot of things while I was in Beijing, such as their ways and styles of living, their culture, their practices etc. Some of my views of Beijing has also changed, such as Beijing's infrastructure, their education standards and the behavior of the people. Of course it has changed in a positive way! I have also made a lot of new friends from the schools that we visited while in Beijing and have a better understanding of my schoolmates through this trip! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers who have worked so hard to make our trip possible. 

Thanks for reading all my posts on my trip to Beijing! And I also hoped that you have enjoyed reading all my posts! Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

See To Yu Xiang 

P.S. Feel free to take the pictures for your personal usage, such as wallpapers, screen savers etc. But do remember to state where it came from if you are doing it for a project! Do feel free to post what comments or what you have to say under the comments section! =D

Sources :
Photos taken by See To Yu Xiang

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