Class cleaning schedule

Hi classmates,

Please take note that every Monday onwards starting from 2 Aug, every class will be doing cleaning from 12:30pm-1pm. 3 students will have to stay back during the cleaning during that period of time.
This time can be used to decorate the classroom. Either Hardy, Rayner, Gwendolyn or Cherin will be supervising the cleaning.

The rest of us that are not involved are not allowed to stay in the classroom at all. Teachers will be walking around just to oversee the cleaning.

Here is the current duty list:

*T.B.C = To Be Confirmed by Ms Choo

I will also be putting this up on the notice board. I do hope to see some effort in cleaning the classroom! :)

(Please note that I'm not sure if there are rags or cloth, but if you do want to bring your own, you're welcome to do so) (Mops, brooms will be provided)

From 1-09's secretary,
Cherin Tan


  1. However, my duty supposed to be on 13 September right ? But during that time I would be in Beijing school trip so I would not be in Singapore. Please change the date of my duty. Thanks :D

  2. Ok, thanks for alerting me Michelle :) Anyone else that would be away during their duty days?

  3. Sry for invading ur blog but jus to say.. erm.. Cherin.. Did you included the September Holiday?

    Wei Chern
    Class S103 Vice Chair

  4. Erm. On 13sep yuchong will also be in beijing so you'll also have to change the date of his duty (:

  5. Hi Wei Chern, no, i didn't include september holidays. And Michelle, thanks for the 2nd alert. :) I will notify you and Yu Chong on which date you will take instead. Thank you for all queries.

  6. erm Cherin, one more thing, 9 August is a holiday . :D