Homework for 22nd July 2010

For those people who have not done the Scenario Narrative Writing for English, please complete them. Please don't forget to donate generously to the needy. You can start bringing dow supplies tomorrow. Remember, it is food from the heart!

Hardy Shein Nyein Chan

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  1. Hi S1-09,

    Like to let you know that most of you did your Team Handball drills and practices quite well in this week's lesson. Try to apply these in the games you play against other teams. Also analyse your games played and design drills to improve your team tactics!

    Journalists for next lesson are Min Suk, Jia Le, Stacey and Navenna. All journalists are to post the photos onto the class blog as soon as possible. Please remember to bring a camera and pen to the lesson.

    Coaches for next week please prepare and submit your lesson plans to me by Monday. You are: Jia Le, Niklaus, Gwen, Benjamin and Michelle.

    Thanks and have a good weekend!

    Mr Dennis Lam