Follow-up on today's lesson on Stress management

Hello S1-09,

Knowing that we did not manage to collate all your views on Stress, please key them in under the comments section.


What is Stress? (To you)
How do you cope with stress when you are under pressure?

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Hardy Shein Nyein Chan


  1. Q1) Stress = A serial killer that makes people EMO!!!
    Q2) No.1 solution: FRIENDS :D:D:D


  2. 1) It is the emotional pressure you will feel when you are unable to cope with work.

    2) I feel stressed when tests or exams are near. Sometimes when there are too much work, I would stay up very late to finish all the work before sleeping.

  3. 1) From my own understanding, what is stress?
    Ans: Stress is the effect when too much workload or responsibility is given to a person.

    2) How do you cope with stress when you are under pressure? Give some examples.
    Ans: If there is a test tomorrow and I did not study for it yet, I will encounter something called stress. I will then relieve myself by playing some computer games and watch Tom and Jerry to make me laugh.

  4. 1. Emotional feeling when you cannot cope with something

    2. Try to finish up the work as fast as possible and sacrificing time to finish that. I tell myself that stress is a challenge, I love challenges, so I take it as a challenge to myself to cope with it. (thats my opinion...)

  5. It is when a person is under pressure.

    When I feel stress when exams are near, I will have more sleep to clear my mind.

  6. 1) Stress is the pressure a person feels when he/she is unable to cope with something.

    2) I finish all my work as soon as possible by sacrificing some other personal time, like sleeping. I also take some time to reflect, to find out which way of doing things is most efficient, and can complete the work when it is needed.

  7. 1.Stress is an emotion you feel when you are under pressure and can’t handle it.

    2.When I feel stressed, especially during exam time, I try and prioritize my work so that that way, I will be able to work much more efficiently. I also take short breaks in between my work to do the things I like, the things that help me relax so that I can de-stress.

  8. 1. Stress is when someone feels pressurized and is unable to cope with the problem.

    2. I will try to prioritize and plan my time wisely so that I will not be stressed.

  9. 1. Stress is an emotion that affects your performance and you are not sure what to do and you feel helpless.

    2. I usually chat with my friends or take a nap

  10. 1. What is Stress? (To you)

    Stress to me, is a point of time in life when a person is in an extremely competitive state of mind, and feels pressure from his/her other competitors. Under this state of mind, he might be anxious and nervous due to the competition.

    2. How do you cope with stress when you are under pressure?

    I cope with it by taking my mind of the item that is causing me stress, then do something else, maybe think of a strategic way to overcome the stress. Doing something else might include listening to some music, or maybe doing something relaxing, like looking out of the window, going for a stroll etc.

  11. 1. Stress to me is when one is in a state of depression due to a multitude of unsolved problems. He/she cannot see any way out of this depression.

    2. When under stress, I will try my best to calm down and find a way out of the problems. To help calm down, I would inhale and exhale deeply and momentarily not consider the gravity of the situation.


  12. 1. Stress is something you feel when you are pressurized. You get stress when you are given lots of assignments. It could drive you crazy and you cannot think properly when you are under tremendous stress.

    2. When a test or a major exam is near, I would need to manage my time and handle stress by resting or by playing computer games, watching television, relaxing, or listening to music. I would normally rest for only ½ hour at most.


  13. 1) Stress is the pressure exerted upon us by daily life and by other people trying to get us to do things that we must do.

    2) I scream, act crazy, swear excessively when under exam stress and homework stress.

  14. 1) What is stress?
    Stress is when one becomes mentally pressurized by work, relationship etc. It can also be an underlying motivation if one fully utilize it.

    2) How do you cope with stress when under pressure?
    There are many ways to cope with stress; Time management, do the things you like or simply take a break.
    Example, there’s homework to be done and it’s already 9pm. I usually take a 10 minutes break before I start doing.

  15. What is Stress?
    Stress is when a person is put under pressure because of doing to many things at one time or cannot cope with what he/she is doing. Stress is also emotional pressure.

    How do you cope with stress when you are under pressure?
    Sometimes if there are too many tests or homework, I will feel stressed. I can handle this by managing my time and doing everything step by step instead rushing everything at the last minute.

  16. 1. Stress is generated in the mind as a defense mechanism against things that the person does not enjoy.
    2. Enjoy what you are doing.