Advisory - 07Oct 2010

Hi 109,

Please refer to the following link and respond to the reflection questions:

Question 1: Do you fall into 2 or even more levels under different circumstances? Cite 2-3 examples and state the reasons.

Question 2: Why do you think some people find it difficult to move from Level A/B to Level C/D?

Question 3: What can family, friends and school do about it?


  1. Q1. Yes, I fall somewhere between C and D.

    I do have internal motivation but I tend to cower away due to peer pressure and looking odd.

    Q2. They have the wrong mindset, with an presumed thinking of their perception of behaviour, and so reject any reprimanding and counseling unless they see their own faults.

    Q3. They can help tell these people gently about the problem in a very logical and direct way.

  2. 1) I think I fall under B-C. I can be impulsive sometimes and break the rules for personal gain.

    2) They might have an attitude or personality problem.

    3) They could help remind them and renforce the rules.

  3. Question 1: Do you fall into 2 or even more levels under different circumstances? Cite 2-3 examples and state the reasons.

    1. Yes. Once i wanted to contributed to charity, truly because i wanted to help them. Then some things like playing computer in school, i am afraid of the punishment. Sometimes, i teach people on things that they do not know because i want to learn from their mistakes.

    Question 2: Why do you think some people find it difficult to move from Level A/B to Level C/D?

    2. Maybe because they are lazy or they do not have sufficient support or motivation to make them think the right way and do the right thing or maybe there are constraints.

    Question 3: What can family, friends and school do about it?

    3. They can help by supporting them or change them in the right way for the right reason.

  4. 1) In my opinion, it really depends on the scenarios one faces. If a person is caught between doing the right thing and the wrong time or doing at right time, the person my not choose to do so. To me, all we should do is to strive in doing the right thing at the right time.
    2) It depends on their environment and the circumstances they are in. It is really the internal motivation of what sort of person wants to be. One could be influence by bad people, or choose to walk the good path.
    3) The family can always encourage the person and instil good morals in the person. Friends could help each other to build relationships with trust and other aspects of friendship to be a good community. The school herself should be able establish some standard of authority and good role models for those to follow.

  5. Q1. I may be either B or C.

    I often need motivation from my friends and I am often discouraged. But I like interacting with others which help me gain friends. I also believe in respecting everybody.

    Q2. They may still not have enough potential to change and they may also still have the wrong behavior.

    Q3. They can slowly and steadily help the person to change. They can teach him the correct attitude and manners. They can also be a good example and show them which attitude they should show.

  6. Q1) Probably. They are D and C. In some work, i do the work due to external motivation, but for others i do it for internal motivation. I feel the need to do the right thing whether be it when i am being watched or not.

    Q2) This is due to the fact that their moral values are wrong and they do not see the need to become better. They may not be mature enough

    Q3) They can cause create good influence in which will cause the student to realize that they need to improve on their behavior

  7. 1) I fall into category A and C. I find that I have a split personality. When I am working with a person that I respect, I am in category C, I would cooperate and do the instructed things. When I am being bossed around by the few in my life who I really disrespect and hate, I will be under category A, at that point when the person that I disrespect really pisses me off, I will go into a rampage and totally go against instruction and make that person's life miserable. At that point I don't care about the punishment.

    2) Maybe they mature at a later age, or had some incidents in their childhood that influenced or caused their character to be that way.

    3) Family and friends can talk more to each other and get closer so they can help the person to mature more, the school can educate them.

  8. Q1: Yes. If I am in front of a person with a high position, I would act good to prevent myself from getting in trouble. (Level C) However, when I am in front of my friends, I would fall under Level B.

    Q2: It is because they might be used to their attitude, which falls under Level A/B, and find it difficult to change. It takes quite a bit of time to change as they might be used to it. Since they also chose to have their attitude, they would not want to change their attitude.

    Q3: Family and friends can tell the person about her/his attitude and ask her/him to change. The people with higher position can also reprimand or create a punishment when the person does something bad.

    -Michelle Dapito

  9. 1. Yes, B and C. I sometimes do boss people around and sometimes do not listen do people and do things my own way. However, I also do listen to people and am considerate to most people.

    2. Because they do not wish to change and may be 'selfish' against other people.

    3. Family and friends can help the person to change into a better person.

  10. Question 1: Yes. B or C
    When I find that the jokes I make does not really hurt a person, I will go ahead and do it. Under this circumstance, I am in B.
    I will do homework because of the rewards I will get at the end.

    Question 2: Old habits are difficult to change and some people might find the actions of B or A fun, and thus, might not want to change.

    Question 3: The family and friends can influence the child to do the right thing on his/her own will. The school can also be teaching the students some self-control, so that they can control their actions.

  11. 1. I think I fall into level C.
    One example would be that I was chosen to participate in a 4 month long survey which requires daily measurements and recordings. I did not think that I have the time and commitment to do the survey as the year-end exams are near. But when my father told me that if I participate it and give very detailed recordings, I would be able to get the new white iPhone 4. I was then motivated to do the survey, which means that in this case, I fall into group C.

    2. I think it is because they do not know how to behave well and they do not know how to differentiate what is right and what is wrong.

    3. They can teach him/her how to behave properly, and tell them what is right and what is wrong.


  12. Q1. Yes. I fall into B and C. Sometimes I act inappropriately when I even do not know it. like, when I interrupt when others is talking. I also can comply with the circumstances, like we have to hand up homework on this date and I hand up.

    Q2. People still think on a small scale (as in they only care about themselves and/or their friends) and not about other people or simply, the public. They do not care about what is happening around the world.

    Q3. They can educate those people, but that still has to take a lot of time to see the change of their personality.

    Cherin :)

  13. I range from A-D. My behavior changes from different situations & circumstances, but most of the time I would be C.

    It may be because the difference is too big and there might between setbacks and obstacles.

    Get to know the person better, know the person's problems and try to give advice to him/her.

  14. Q1: I fall into between B and C. I cooperate with others as long as it suits me and my motivations. I conform as long as it is needed. I comply as long as it benefits me.

    Q2: These people are unable to change the ways they behave and their motivations because it does not suit their current situation.

    Q3: Family can teach members to change. Friends can change their ways of thinking. School can educate students to change.

  15. Question 1: Do you fall into 2 or even more levels under different circumstances? Cite 2-3 examples and state the reasons.
    Ans: Yes. I might fall into category B or C. It actually depends on the situation. I might be a bit bossy when I am a leader as I quite like things done in my way. As for C, thats because I can comply with rules as I am afraid of punishments.

    Question 2: Why do you think some people find it difficult to move from Level A/B to Level C/D?
    Ans: Thats because the difference between Level A to B is easier to move but to move from Level A/B to Level C/D is more difficult as the difference standard between Level A/B to Level C/D is higher.

    Question 3: What can family, friends and school do about it?
    Ans: Families, friends and school could help by counseling the students so that he/she would not be too stressed.

  16. I believe I am in between Banana and Carrot. When there are punishments, I like Carrots.
    Otherwise, I prefer Bananas.

    They may think that by choosing Apples or Bananas, they are powerful. They may not want to lose that powder just to be morally right.

    They can try to convince them to forget about power by showing them the benefits of being morally right.

  17. I may be either level B or C. This is because I might become impulsive at times and I need motivation to do some things.

    This is because they are so used to their own level thus it is hard to go up by one or more levels.

    They can advise the pupils but the pupils must be the ones who do the most.

  18. 1) Yes. I would fall in B or C at different situations. I would fall into B sometimes for personal gain.

    2) They would not want to change their attitude and behaviour or find it hard to change.

    3) They can help the person change the persons attitude.

  19. Question 1: I think I'm a C most of the time. Most of the time, I am motivated to do things but sometimes I do take the initiative.

    Question 2: Maybe they have no motivation or they are influenced by their friends or the people around them.

    Question 3: They can observe you and tell you how you behave, whether good or bad and give you feed back on how you can improve your behavior.

  20. Question 1: Do you fall into 2 or even more levels under different circumstances? Cite 2-3 examples and state the reasons.

    - Under different circumstances, I fall under level C and B. An example for times when I fall under level C, would be, when I occasionally spot one or two crippled elderly people, on the roadside selling tissue packets, I would buy some from them, as I pity them.

    - An example for B would probably be, when I see something on the floor, probably not in school, I would pick it up and probably opening it first before returning it, such as the other time, finding two (old and dusty) bags, and opening it to check the contents (along with another friend) near SST before returning it. (Finding a broken camera lens, lighter and lock). I think that it would be quite rare to find a person who can really don't open it and return it, due to human greed.

    Question 2: Why do you think some people find it difficult to move from Level A/B to Level C/D?

    - It might be due to the fact that they have been practicing those bad habits for too long, for example, a person bossing and bullying others in class, showing no disrespect to his friends etc.

    Question 3: What can family, friends and school do about it?

    - They can inform that person upfront, and tell him or her about it, to see if the person will decide to change or not.

  21. 1. I think I fall into B and half =.=' cos I do not bully people but teachers must sometimes chase after me for homework.

    2. Cos they are very used to the behavior or finds that behavior very find to do, like bullying.

    3. They can have briefing sessions for everybody, grouped according to the level of the teacher's opinion.

  22. Q1) Scenario: A laptop left unattended at the bus stop with no one around.
    First thoughts: Take it and go/leave it there. If I were to take it, I would sacrifice the owner's happiness for my own. If I were to leave it there, I would sacrifice my own happiness to possess a free item up for grabs.
    Thus, I would fall under C, when I know it would be wrong to take it just because I know what's the consequence.

    Q2) It may be because people find that habits die hard. Habits, a need to be conscious of it, and if a person does not want to get rid of it, then it cannot be rid off. Sacrificing one's happiness for others is not an easy thing to execute. I can only say one thing; for everything you desire, you have to pay an equal price in return.

    Q3) To me, I find that if one wants to change and re-write their future, it must start from themselves. What are family, friends and schools? Other people. Even family are still other people. Besides being related by blood, is there any other relation? Aside from yourself, everyone else is considered as other people. When you decide to do something or not to do something, it is a promise to yourself. Hence, the only person who can break that promise is the person who made it; because no one will be responsible for another’s promise.

    ~Jia Le

  23. Question 1:
    2. B-C. Sometimes i can get affected by the actions or the mindset of my friends, whether good or bad. It also depends on my mood. At certain times, i would not feel so happy and would react or make a decision differently unlike if i was in a happy mood.

    Question 2:
    Some people are very self conscious. They know what is the right thing to do and feel really bad if they did not help or do the correct thing.(going against the law) So they resist the "force"(friends,social) that is pulling them into the level C/D.

    Question 3:
    Family and friends can encourage the person that needs the help.