Another Message from your Vice-chairman

Dear S1-09,

Hello again. Congratulations! You have just survived another day of EOY examinations. We're almost at the halfway point, just 3/5 more days to go! You have also completed 2/5 of the subjects! Study hard, it's only just 3 more days!

Just don't think about the past, what is done, is done. Don't worry if you didn't complete the chinese paper 2 or didn't even understand a single thing, cause I didn't complete and didn't understand the passages too! What matters is that it's over and we have tried our best :)

Yours faithfully,
Rayner Tan

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  1. Remember, if you tell yourself that you CANNOT do it even before it actually happened, then you'll fail. Now, all we can do is DO OUR BEST (: