History Reminders

Hi all,

Below are some guidelines and rules for the End-Of-Year History Exam (Humanities). These guidelines are meant for those who did not turn up for Miss Tay's revision lesson earlier today.

Exam Guidelines :

- For all questions starting with 'Why did......', do remember to use the 3 As format (Author, Audience, Anticipated Outcome) to solve the question. The format for other questions depends on the source given, and the type of question.

- Remember to write 1 PEEL per paragraph!

- Do not forget to cite your evidence from the source, if it is a text source. Don't lift from the source!

- When writing your answers, do not use the word 'not'. Using that word will result in the deduction of marks under most circumstances.

- Do remember to look at the source of the given 'source' (e.g. A cartoon, drawn by XXX......) during the History examinations! It might help greatly in some questions!

Exam Formats :

1. PEEL - Point, Evidence, Explanation, Link

2. AAA (or 3 a's) - Audience, Action, Anticipated Outcome

'Template' for answering 3As Q's :

1st A : Audience
Who are the parties involved in the source?

2nd A : 
The action - What issue is it regarding? ( E.g. Persuade, propagate etc.)
Cite your evidence from the source

3rd A : Anticipated Outcome
- Results in a change of people's mindset
- Impact on the audience, and also the action taken by the audience. (What does the author finally wants to achieve?)

See To Yu Xiang (20)


  1. Make that AAAE (Action, Audience, Anicipated Outcome AND Evidence)
    Without proper and fitting evidence your marks will go kapoot.