Reminders on I&E and CL Group B

Hi 109,

For I&E
1] Please submit your revised presentation slides on the group product range via the I&E 'Submit Folder' for end-of-year assessment and competition judging. Name your files "I&E product range_name of leader"

2] Presentation slides for the I&E camp (at Ngee Ann Poly) are also to be submitted via the I&E 'Submit Folder' . Name your files "I&E Camp Slides_name of leader"

3] Hand in your 'Trolley Problem' Task Report to Siyuan after your parent(s) have signed. Those who do not have the reports will be asked to return home and bring them back in exchange for their MacBooks.

For Chinese (Monday, 4 Oct 2010): Those re-sitting for dictation will report at 12.00pm at the staffroom. Those re-sitting for Unit 24 comprehension must bring your own texts.

Students from 109 are: Benjamin and Hardy

Ms Choo