What's going to happen in the class party?

Hello fellow students of S1-09,

Our EXCO members have discussed on what would probably be in the Class Party. However, this is not confirmed, we want you guys to see if there is anything you don't like or if you have any other better suggestions. So, we decided to have some of these activities.

1. Truth or Dare
2. Photobook
3. Peer Evaluation
4. Gaming
5. R&R ( Chit-chatting)
6. New Year Resolution activity
7. Scavenger Hunt
8. Sing and Dance
9. Blind fold and guess whose in front of you
10. One thing I learnt
11. Chicken Dance Showcase
12. Team bonding activities/games?

So, these are just some liked ideas. We hope to receive some of your feedback. Any suggestions, feel free to comment on the post or contact us. Have a wonderful weekend! :D

Hardy Shein Nyein Chan


  1. Sound like good ideas, but what is a chicken dance showcase?

  2. @ty: Chicken Dance showcase is an act suggested by Jun Wei that he MIGHT like to perform.
    @Jun Hong: Photobook is just a small presentation from iPhoto that I wish to make with photos of the class.

  3. Only 1,2,4,5,6,7,9(no touching) is relevant. The rest are either boring or weird

  4. Noted, thanks for the comments :)

  5. Try to squeeze in one last item to be done at the end. Auld Lang Syne.