Re: Class Chalet

Dear S1-09,

Sorry class, due to late planning, it is almost impossible to book a chalet at this point of time. Today, the chairman and I have discussed about this matter and came up with two solutions which we hope will be good enough to compensate for what was supposed to be a chalet.

The first solution is to have a beach party at either Sentosa Beach or East coast park(idea by Hardy). I suggest we have it sometime next week on a weekday, preferably from the 13th to 18th of December 2010. Activities could be some ball games, picnic, or other fun bonding activities. Please include you vote in the spreadsheet: "Chalet and beach party vote(S1-09 2010)".

The second solution is to have a class chalet with class S1-09 of 2010(incase some of us might not be the same class next year, hopefully that's not the case) sometime in June next year. This event is highly dependent on the number of people who come. Preferably held in first week of June holidays. Please also vote in the spreadsheet: "Chalet and beach party vote(S1-09 2010)". The chalet will be 3 days and 2 nights as check in time would be 3pm and check out time would be around 9-10am so if 2 day 1 night we would only have less than 24h there.

The total cost would be an estimate of $650(about $30-50 per person if about 15-20 people come), this sum of money is the chalet rental fee, extra mattress, charcoal, etc. DOES NOT INCLUDE FOOD and other things like bowling fees or the other facility fees.

Anyone's parents willing to spend the 3 days and two nights there to watch over us? This will enable more people's parents to feel safer if there is an adult there.

If there are not enough confirmed people going to the chalet by this friday, we will have to call it off. I need at least 15 people and the price for each would be about $40-70. Preferably have 20 confirmed votes and the price would be about $30-50.

Both solutions are to be used. Please vote both of them especially the chalet. Once we have confirmed the number of people going, we will be collecting the essential funds. Please vote as soon as possible. If we do not get the votes fast enough, we can't carry out the activity. Any questions approach me directly via sms, instant messaging or facebook.

IMPORTANT: Please seek permission from your parents.


Your's sincerely,

Rayner Tan



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